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Tuesday, March 19, 2019
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The Price Has To Be Right

The key to a successful sale lies in correctly pricing your home. It is proven that the first thirty days of a sale are the most important because it is the only time your home is considered “new on the market.” If your home is overpriced you could miss this window of opportunity, compromising the value of your home. The following are some points to consider in order to best price your property. 

● Together, we will analyze current market, look for a window of opportunity in the price position, and place your property in a category that is most likely to succeed.
● In most instances an appraisal is required in financing a property; it is futile to price a property for more than its worth because it simply won’t appraise.
● Appropriate pricing is very important – many potential buyers won’t look at an overpriced home to begin with because they think that it is out of their price range.
● An over priced home tends to dampen the other real estate agents’ attitudes, making it less likely to be shown.
● Overpricing lengthens marketing time and can result in a lower selling price than would have otherwise been obtained.
● A property left on the market for an extended period of time usually becomes “shop-worn,” causing buyers to believe something is amiss.
● Most buyers are comparison shopping. Looking at your home may convince them to make an offer on a different property if yours is overpriced.