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Tuesday, March 19, 2019
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Moving With A Family

Moving to a new home is an exciting experience. Comprehensive pre-planning, organization and family meetings can help establish each person’s responsibilities and will go a long way in maintaining harmony and efficiency.

Helping Children Make the Move

● Tell them about your plans as soon as possible and give them a chance to express their concerns while sharing some of your own.
● Scrapbooks are good way to preserve memories of your current home, and all of the ties that go with it. Give your child an address book for noting names and addresses of friends in their current neighborhood and remind them to leave room for their new friend’s names.
● If possible, take your children to their new neighborhood so they can become familiarized with their surroundings. If you are moving from out of state, provide them with photographs of their new home and school. Visit or provide photographs of parks, schools and other nearby attractions.
● When you have made the move, introduce them to teachers and the new neighbors.
● Involve them in packing and provide them with their own “packing labels” for marking personal possessions.
● Have a going-away party so they can say good-bye to their friends.
● Involve your children in planning, arranging and decorating their new bedrooms.

Helping Pets Make the Move

● It is best to transport your animal using a pet carrier.
● Have your current veterinarian recommend a clinic near your new home, and request that your pet’s paperwork be forwarded to them.
● It is not unusual for pets to experience some level of anxiety during the early stages of a move, as they get used to their new environment.
● Some pets actually try to return to their old home directly after a move, so it’s important to keep a close eye on them.