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Monday, April 22, 2019
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Moving And Services

At John L. Scott our goal is to provide you with a complete home ownership experience. So, in other words, our job doesn’t end when the sale is final. After the transaction is complete, your John L. Scott agent will provide you with some valuable property transfer services that are designed to make the move from your old home to the new one, smooth and efficient.

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Just a few clicks of the mouse and John L. Scott can conveniently:
● Offer valuable discounts from our moving partners
● Locate local contractors to personalize your home
● Provide services that add convenience to the art of living

Miscellaneous Moving Checklist 

● Automobile registrations — remember to update driver’s licenses and auto club membership
● Medical records— arrange for medical and dental records to be transferred. Ask your physician for a referral.
● Employment recommendations — have teenagers obtain written recommendations from their current employers.
● Empty and defrost the freezer. Have appliances serviced for moving.
● Plan for special needs of infants.
● Carry currency, jewelry, and documents yourself.
● Double-check all rooms, closets, drawers, and shelves.
● Leave old keys and garage door openers with your real estate agent.
● Change the locks in your new home for safety.