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Friday, February 15, 2019
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Maximize Your Chances

Today’ market is incredibly fast paced. Most activity happens within the first four weeks. Any listing that is not sold in 30 days will be reassessed by your John L. Scott agent with regards to price and condition. Among the most important factors that influence salability are:

Your agent will use certain methods to insure that your home is appropriately priced. A comparative market analysis of homes in your area will be used to price your home. If your home has been listed and not yet sold, your agent will review all comparable sales since the listing date. Have other properties come on the market and sold since your listing was taken? If so, there will be no support for your current price when the appraiser does their work. Be certain that you are shown new competitive properties as they are listed. Ask to receive an updated competitive market analyses of homes recently sold.

It is in your best interest to fol1ow your agent’s advice with regard to staging your property. A change in seasons may reveal additional work that needs to be done around the property. Be sure to wash all windows inside and out, pressure wash walks and clean the roof, fertilize the lawn, trim shrubs and weed flowerbeds. Touch up or repaint interior and exterior. Store overflow from garage and closets in a mini-storage facility. Leave on interior and exterior lights during showings.

During the sale of your home, it is important that your agent has access to show your home. We highly recommend allowing your agent to use a keybox. If this is not possible, be certain that your agent has good support systems in place to get keys to agents interested in showing your property. Flexibility and cooperation from you and your household will only lead to increased exposure of your home and a potentially faster selling period.