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Tuesday, March 19, 2019
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Your First Steps Toward Your New Home

The big picture of having to pack up the whole house and get it unpacked can be overwhelming. Moving can become stressful and tiring, but putting together a plan will help keep you on track. 

Things You'll Need:

> Pad of Paper
> Pen
> Bold Permanent Marker
> Moving Boxes are best
> Newspaper  for packing
> Packing tape or Duct Tape


Use one sheet of the pad of paper per how many days you have to move. If weeks are pre-planned, you can use a page for weeks instead of days, with the finally week being split per day.

This pad of paper is your "Moving Book". It will contain the information needed while moving, which will include a schedule to keep you on track.

You could use your computer, but will need to be printed out if the computer gets packed.

Clean the house if needed (keeping in mind your time frame). Clean everything. It is almost impossible to move if the house is not cleaned, and why carry dirt to your new home?

Make a list of what needs to be done on each page in your moving book. Be realistic.

Split each packing day into a room(s). Plan on packing everything that is not needed. Depending on the room size you should be able to pack up at least a room a day.

Start by gathering all the need items to start packing: free boxes from local stores, or boxes bought from stores like Wal-Mart or UPS store; bold permanent marker (better than a thin marker).

Mark each box with the room name it should go into on arrival at the new home.

Check your moving book daily to make sure you keep on track.

Other Tips:

> Be sure to explain how you want things packed before you begin packing if you have anyone helping you,
> Use the "Moving Book" as your guide to what needs to be done each day.
> Pack up the kitchen and bathroom(s) last.
> Use paper plates after you pack up the kitchen, or eat out.
> Ask your family and friends to save their newspaper to wrap up your breakables.

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