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Monday, April 22, 2019
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Searching for a home has never been easier thanks to the services and resources that John L. Scott provides.

Our agents never underestimate the importance of spending time with their clients, exploring different homes and neighborhoods in search of the perfect home. Modern technology has also enabled many home buyers to go onto the Internet to search for prospective properties. Communication is the key to a successful home buying experience, so your John L. Scott agent will partner with you to find a home based upon your individual needs.

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John L. Scott agent will partner with you to find a home based upon your individual needs.

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This personalized search tool allows prospective purchasers to enter their personal search parameters, including location and price range, and receive e-mail notification every time a new property comes onto the market that fits their criteria.




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The Wide World Web is the most efficient marketing and communication tool because it provides instant information and imagery for home buyers. The Home Search allows you to view multiple homes, including photos, audio descriptions, driving directions, virtual tours and much more. 

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The Multiple Listing Service is a comprehensive resource that allows your agent to access detailed information about homes on the market that you are potentially interested in viewing. Agents also hear about homes that are about to come onto the Real Estate market, so you always have the most current, up-to-date information.