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Tuesday, March 19, 2019
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Tools for Success: Extended Services

John L. Scott Home Services - This program enables you to pass along valuable information that will help your clients with moving and improving their home.

Service Partner Extended Discounts - Take advantage of valuable discounts on various moving related services.

American Home Shield - Through our exclusive partnership with AHS, you have the ability to extend the benefit of free home warranty coverage to your seller during the listing period, protecting your client's home from unexpected, costly repairs.

Tools for Success: Training

Sales Training - There is a reason why John L. Scott Boise has one of the highest per agent productivity success rates in the country. As a John L. Scott agent you will receive the highest quaulty professional training, giving you the confidence to:

      ✓  Accurately and confidently fill out contracts and forms
      ✓  Smoothly lead your clients through the entire process
      ✓  Handle unexpected problems or complex situations
      ✓  Follow up after a transaction to maintain a robust list of loyal culents

Professional Coaching - Your John L. Scott Boise Broker/Manager is a highly skilled coach who will be there to help you with your unique business goals. You will receive the expert and timely attention you deserve, including numerous resources for self-marketing, property marketing, transaction management, and building your client base.


Tools for Success: Business Development and Client Relationship Management

Client Relationship Management- CRM emphasizes the importance of staying in touch with the people who will direct business to you so that you are able to build your business by referrals. John L. Scott supports you in this effort by offering a CRM program that helps you maintain ongoing, consistent communication with your valued clients through monthly newsletters and other items of value.

My Home File – This online tool enables your clients to save their favorite listings and searches, as well as communicate directly with you regarding their home buying/selling needs.

Ask John L. Scott - This valuable program provides your clients with helpful information about all phases of homeownership and allows you to be the information resource for your clients.

Tools for Success: Online Marketing

Internet Property Link - Every John L. Scott listing has its own unique web address so homes are just a mouse click away for potential buyers.

Home Search - Your customers can view multiple photos, audio descriptions, driving directions, virtual tours and much more on John L. Scott's award-winning Web site.

Home Delivery - This tool allows buyers to enter personal search parameters and receive email notification every time a new property comes onto the market that fits their criteria.

Specialty Searches - Your clients can narrow down their search parameters to showcase special niche properties, such as waterfront, new construction and Quality Street properties.

Open This Week - Enables John L. Scott Agents to promote their open houses online, while providing visitors with open house information 24 hours a day.

MLS - a comprehensive resource that provides you with access to detailed information about all homes on the market.

Tools for Success: Personal and Property Marketing

Personal Marketing – John L. Scott Boise provides you with all the materials you need to market yourself to your sphere of influence. The John L. Scott-Company E-Store offers everything you need including personal stationery, business cards, thank you cards, just listed/just sold postcards, and a variety of other materials and items of value.

Signage - Signage is considered the single most identifiable form of real estate advertising. Because of this, John L. Scott Boise offers many signage options, allowing agents to customize their signage for each listing.

Quality Street-Exceptional Homes – John L. Scott offers an exclusive luxury real estate program for agents who represent high-end properties. This Quality Street program offers customized signage, a quarterly magazine, stationery, business cards, and other materials that enable agents to market themselves and their listings as Quality Street.

Newspaper Advertising - We take an aggressive approach to newspaper advertising that includes giving every John L. Scott listing its own unique home Web address, which successfully drives buyers to our Website for more information