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Tuesday, March 19, 2019
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Property Transfer Day

Put into simple terms, Property Transfer Day is when the buyer pays the purchase price and the seller delivers the deed. Once the title company and lender have given “clearance” to the closing agent, the appropriate documents are processed and the property is officially transferred to the new owner. It is important to keep in mind the new owner does not take possession of the property until the documentation has been processed, which usually takes one day after recording. Once the waiting period is over and the transaction is complete, the new owner can begin moving into their home. 

Home Warranty Protection: 

Protect your most costly and complex home systems and appliances. John L. Scott Real Estate and American Home Shield (AHS) understand that your home is one of your largest investments. The Home Warranty Plan offered by AHS, the oldest and largest home warranty company in the nation with over 30 years of service experience, can provide solutions for systems and appliances you use everyday. The typical AHS customer uses their warranty plan an average of 2.3 times each year on costly covered repair or replacement items - which translates into security for the homeowner. AHS has 4 service centers nationwide which process 15,000 calls each day - that’s over 5 million calls a year for service that AHS handles so home sellers don’t have to! By providing home warranty protection from American Home Shield, sellers can more closely achieve their objectives and buyers are protected from unforeseen covered repair/replacement costs. 

To apply for American Home Shield coverage call: 

1-800-735-4663 AMERICAN HOME SHIELD®