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Saturday, April 20, 2019
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There is more to owning a home than just financial rewards.
?After spending the 4th of July with my family and their friends, I found this article to be so true; I just had to share it with you.? There is more to owning a home than just financial rewards. Bob Bass Have We Forgotten Something? by Dean Hartman on June 30, 2011 Over the past few weeks and months, the media, so-called experts and most of our friends and relatives seemed to have almost soured on buying a home at this time. With fear of a fragile economy and high unemployment rates, who can argue with caution? When the pervasive sentiment among even real estate and mortgage professionals is that home prices will continue to move downward and that mortgage interest rates don?t appear to be jumping significantly any time soon, the question remains? ?Why would anyone that doesn?t have to buy now, buy now?? One commenter to a previous blog post even went so far as to challenge the entire industry for promoting the ?hurry up and buy? approach by asserting that buyers who listened to that ad
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