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Monday, April 22, 2019
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Better Investment- Real Estate or Gold- The Answer May Surprise You
Gold had a gain of 118% since 1980 vs 256% gain for real estate for the same period. Long-Term Investing (and This Will Probably Surprise You) Posted by Ted C. Jones on November 18, 2010 One Response | Post a comment I would speculate that if you asked the typical American what the best long term investment is, many (if not at least half) would probably say ?Gold.? But the real long-term returns of gold might surprise you. If you bought gold in January 1980, as of October 2010, you would be up 95.5 percent (assuming no transaction costs and no holding costs). Once you adjust for inflation, however, you would have lost 30 percent (no kidding?the value of gold in the last almost 30 years did not even kept up with inflation). So what out-performed gold? Housing. Yep, no kidding. If you purchased the median-priced existing home in the U.S. in January 1980 and sold it in October 2010, you would have gained 252 percent (again, assuming no transaction costs nor any holding c
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