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Monday, April 22, 2019
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Wednesday, May 19, 2010
With escalating gas prices and perhaps an increasing desire to watch the budget and stay a bit closer to home, there's a great option available to those who want to have a sense of adventure without traveling very far: playing 'tourist' in your own town. Even if you do have glamorous travel plans on the radar for the year ahead, playing tourist in your own town offers a chance to have some fun and see your usual surroundings in a brand new way. All it takes is the intention to do it, and a sense of fun and adventure. Almost every locality has certain facets that make it unique: the natural environment, historical sites, tourist attractions, walking trails, hometown diners, architecture, or quirky local treasures. When you decide to play tourist in your own town, you set out to discover some of the things that you might otherwise take for granted. Try setting aside a day every once in awhile to learn more about the lesser known facets, or experience familiar ones in a new way. You'll not only gain a greater
Posted by dawnmitchell at 5/19/2010 10:22:00 PM
Monday, May 17, 2010
It's a buyer's market. Doesn't that mean that buyers get what they want? Doesn't that mean that home sellers are making all the concessions, submitting to purchasers demands on everything from price breaks to whether or not the hall chandelier stays? Yes, buyers hold the cards these days.... But, call it a curse of human nature - having ample choice and negotiating power can sometimes be too much of a good thing leading to a tinges of regrets. Experts say "buyer's remorse" can happen in both a soft and boom markets. But it's a malady that can be avoided. Here, some tactics for buyers on how to purchase with confidence..... read more
Posted by dawnmitchell at 5/17/2010 7:56:00 PM
Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Team John L. Scott for a Cure was proud to Race for a Cure. Our team of 28 agents and staff members had a great time...all for a great cause and managed to raise some money too!

Posted by Jenna Englund at 5/11/2010 9:01:00 PM
Wednesday, April 28, 2010
About a fifth of all IRS examinations done by mail in the past six months were for people claiming the credit, National Taxpayer Advocate Nina E. Olson told a congressional committee Thursday -- the filing deadline for individual tax returns. The audits mean big delays in getting refunds -- as much as five months -- just as Congress and the Obama administration hope that tax refunds will spur economic growth and the homebuyer tax credit will improve the housing market. Read more.......
Posted by dawnmitchell at 4/28/2010 7:16:00 PM
Wednesday, April 21, 2010
The following are some questions that will help you decide whether you?re ready for a home that?s larger or in a more desirable location than your current one. If you answer yes to most of the questions, it?s a sign that you may be ready to move. Have you built substantial equity in your current home? Look at your annual mortgage statement or call your lender to find out. Usually, you don?t build up much equity in the first few years of your mortgage, as monthly payments are mostly interest, but if you?ve owned your home for five or more years, you may have significant, unrealized gains. Has your income or financial situation improved? If you?re making more money, you may be able to afford higher mortgage payments and cover the costs of moving. Have you outgrown your neighborhood??????????????????? read more
Posted by dawnmitchell at 4/21/2010 6:12:00 PM
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